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Looking for something extraordinary? You’ll find it in our elegant Vintages Rooms, where we welcome you to explore a world of hidden gems, limited runs, and collector’s items both world renowned and exclusive to Everything Wine. Whether you’re searching for a small parcel selection from right here at home or a legendary bottling from a revered region, our team leaves no stone – or vine – unturned to bring you unique treasures.

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We do the work for you to scour the globe for the finest wine we know you’ll be as excited about as we are. Our expert Consultants and team of wine Buyers forge invaluable relationships with producers on both an international and hyperlocal scale. We travel to distinguished wine regions like Bordeaux, Mendoza, and Napa Valley to make sure you have access to the best offerings. When we’re not at the wineries, we also attend the world’s biggest tradeshows in Europe to continue expanding our collection.

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If you’re new to fine wine, developing your collection or are a well-versed premium wine enthusiast, you’ll feel right at home in our Vintages Rooms. Our passionate and highly knowledgeable Consultants can help guide you to a bottle that perfectly suits your taste, your budget, and your occasion. As fellow wine geeks, we love sharing knowledge, making suggestions, and simply swapping stories on the vast world of wine. So join us in the Vintages Room and you’re sure to go home with a good story and a great bottle.

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Q: What’s one style of wine that everyone should experience at least once?

A: A Grand Cru or Vendage Tardive from the Alsace - it can fit into almost any setting and goes down so easily!

North Vancouver

Q: What’s something you tried recently that stopped you in your tracks?

A: I recently tasted Pharaon 2013 by D66 winery from Dave Phinney, the man who started the very famous Orin Swift Cellars.


Q: What’s something new that you learned about wine recently?

A: The Tempranillo grape also comes in white. Tempranillo Blanco is a recently recognized mutation of red Tempranillo, allowed in white Rioja blends.

South Surrey

Q: What would you say to someone who is nervous about exploring Premium Wine?

A: I would say that life is too short to drink the same wine all the time! It’s nice to try something different. Plus, we review the wines for you, so the risk is low and we’re here to help you find something you won’t regret trying.


Q: What is the best piece of advice you've received from a fellow industry expert?

A: A winemaker gave me the best advice, which was to drink wine now. Yes, they can go the distance in the cellar but the future is not guaranteed.


Q: What was the most surprising wine/food pairing you’ve ever had?

A: Springbok curry and Shiraz. 10/10 pairing WOW!

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