Croft Pink Port 500 mL

Croft Pink Port 500 mL

Croft Pink Port 500 mL
  • country-labelPortugal
  • region-labelDouro
  • grape-labelRed Blend

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About This Wine


    90 POINTS! Forbes

    The color is a light red, with a pronounced pinkish tinge. On the nose, there are pronounced aromas of red fruit, particularly black cherry and raspberry, along with some strawberry and plum notes. There is a hint of candied citrus, along with some honey notes and floral aromas. On the palate, there is a residual sweet note, although it is less pronounced than what would be expected from the 103 grams per liter of residual sugar in the wine. Surprisingly, the acidity, at 3.96 grams per liter, is roughly half of what is usually found in a rosé. The flavors of black cherry and raspberry carry through on the palate, as do the plum and candied citrus notes. The wine is remarkably smooth, with the obvious palate weight that you would expect from the high level of residual sugar and alcohol. The finish is long, featuring an assortment of red fruits, along with a lingering sweetness that gives way to a dry finish and just a hint of bitterness on the end. This is not a complex wine. It lacks the nuance you would expect from a great port, but it is nonetheless excellent. It’s a wine that is equally at home as an aperitif, straight up or in a cocktail. It will pair exceptionally well with any sparkling wine. It can be served both chilled or at room temperature, on the rocks or neat. Try it also with soda or lemonade. Mix it with a little fruit juice and you have a reasonable variant of a Sangria.

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