Conundrum Rose 750 mL

Conundrum Rose 750 mL

Conundrum Rose 750 mL
  • country-labelUSA
  • region-labelCalifornia
  • winestyle-labelRose
  • grape-labelRed Blend
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About This Wine


    We make this wine primarily from Valdiguié (/’Val dee gay/), which is largely unknown and grows only in small quantities in California. The story goes that initially, the Valdiguié grape was mistaken for amay, until a traveling Frenchman helped uncover its true identity. We sourced this vintage from vineyards in Paso Robles, surrounded by sandstone cliffs amidst a large cattle ranch. Valdiguié is sometimes blended with pinot Noir to create a more robust wine– our goal was to make a Rosé that is uniquely bright and fresh, with more boldness and character than people typically expect.

    90 POINTS! Wilfred Wong, 2016 Vintage

    "The 2016 Conundrum Rosé provides one answer to the question, "Can a pretty wine be considered excellent?" This wine reminded me of those childhood pixy straws that I often enjoyed, and the memories brought a smile to my face. TASTING NOTES: This wine gushes with fresh raspberry aroma and stays lively on the palate with tart berries and pixy straws. Pair it with a traditional báhi mì."

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