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Welcome to Our Wine School

Welcome to the place with classes we know you won't skip: Wine School! 

What's Our Wine School all About?

If you've ever been to our Langley location, chances are you've seen the bright "Wine School" sign by the Tasting Bar. Opened in 2018, this popular addition to our store offers the latest in wine education, from classes on pairing wine with food to classes on specific varietals, like Malbec or Champagne.

Classes are led by our incredible WSET-certified staff,  Vintage Room Expert, Quinot Mathee, or special guests, which include some of the most renowned experts and wineries in the industry. For instance, last month, Authentic Wines and Spirits hosted a class where students got to taste seven amazing wines by Masi including the 2011 Vaio Armaron!

Wine School BC

An inside look at our wine school at our Langley, BC location!

Our wine school is extremely popular because it lets students learn about wine in a friendly and relaxed environment. It's also a great place to meet other wine enthusiasts who share a passion for wine.

Here are some of our most popular classes from previous months:

Wine School Langley BC, Pairing wine with food.

Students get to learn the best food pairings with various wine varietals. Delicious!

Wine and Food 101

This class is one of our most popular and for good reason. The perfect pairing of food and wine can turn any dinner you host into a magical culinary experience. With proper pairings, the flavours in both the food you're eating and the wine your drinking are enhanced, leaving you with an amazing taste sensation.

Organic Wines

What is a "natural wine" and what is the process behind it? In these classes, our WSET certified instructors walk you through the different organic practices of winemaking, and how they affect the environment. In previous classes, we've offered a taste of bio-dynamic and even zero-intervention wines—which are truly amazing. Gaining popularity, this class is full of interesting information about organic wine farming and the broader scope of organic production—and, of course, has delicious organic wines to taste.

Wine School in Langley

Place settings for one of our classes.

Featured Varietals
We feature many classes dedicated to a specific varietal or region. Whether it's a class dedicated to Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir, the wines of Argentina, BC or beyond, you can discover the world of wine led by experts who truly know their wine.

Meet Your Wine-Maker
If you've ever wondered what it takes to run a vineyard, the process behind making wine, or what goes on at your favourite winery, this class is for you. We feature world-renowned experts from wineries, vineyards, and agencies to come and chat about their products. These classes offer an in-depth look into viniculture from the perspectives of industry leaders!

Private Tastings and Classes

At our school, we are proud to offer private tastings and classes for groups of all education levels. These classes offer expert knowledge on a variety of hand-picked wines for your group. Attendees get to work with our Langley event coordinator to plan out a fun and educational evening for everyone involved.

To book a private tasting or to purchase tickets to any of our monthly events, call 604-546-1201, or check out our events page.

And for those looking for WSET Certification, come to our South Surrey location!

Everything Wine Inc. is proud to be the only wine retailer in Western Canada to offer wine courses.
We teach both WSET level 1 and 2 at our Surrey location. Learn more about WSET education.