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Virtual Wine Tasting Tips!

At this time of year, our schedules would usually start filling up with Secret Santa gift exchanges, potluck dinners and corporate parties but this year, as with many things, holiday gatherings will look a little bit different. Don’t cancel your wine and cheese night, move it online instead! Hosting a virtual wine tasting on Zoom or Skype is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays with your family and friends—we’ll fill you in on a few tips for hosting a memorable evening, 2020 style!

At Everything Wine, we have a vast selection of wines to choose from so there’s something for everyone! We suggest narrowing down a theme for your virtual tasting; that could be anything from comparing bold Reds to sampling a flight of Italian Pinot Grigios, exploring Merlots from different regions or discovering unique BC styles. Not sure which direction to take? Our friendly and knowledgeable Wine Consultants can help narrow down your choices.

Gather some info on the wines ahead of time so you know the basics, know what to expect (and so you can impress your friends!) and download our wine tasting reference sheet to help guide you through the tasting like a pro! Our Buying Assistant, Lisa suggests downloading a wine aroma wheel so you and your friends can use the same vocabulary when tasting your wine. Before you start pouring, open your bottles of red wine in advance and keep your white, sparkling or rosé chilling until you’re ready to drink. Also, try to use a set of matching glasses—nice glasses will really add to the experience. Have water and a selection of snacks on hand too. Prepare a grazing board with cheese, crackers, charcuterie and fruit or turn it up a notch and order in the perfect food pairings from Door Dash or Skip the Dishes.

To make it easy for your virtual guests to get their wines, shop our website for the wines you will be tasting and share your list with your friends—they can simply add the items to their carts and choose delivery or pick up at any of our 6 locations.  Or send them to one of our stores with the list, our friendly wine experts would be happy to help them find the wines.

Happy virtual tasting, wine fans!