Everything Wine Wine Club The Seasonal Selection

Everything Wine Wine Club The Seasonal Selection
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About This Selection

  • Payment and Delivery

    The cost of the Seasonal selection is $199 per 12 bottle shipment which includes free delivery. Please note the following deadlines:
    Join By:Expected Delivery:
    January 30 March 15
    April 30 June 15
    July 30 September 26
    October 30 December 07
  • Membership

    If you are the type that would rather not think about renewing your purchase, you can choose an Annual or Lifetime Membership. We will continue to send you your shipment quarterly without any further sign-ups required. The Annual Membership offers 4 deliveries in a year. The Lifetime Membership offers 4 deliveries a year for as long as you like. You can cancel or Annual Membership or Lifetime Membership at any time, however, please note the cut-off dates in the above section
  • Gift Giving

    Either as a one-time gift purchase, for a year, or for life, these quarterly wine deliveries make a wonderful gift. When filling out the check out information, please specify the shipping address and the billing address
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