Sophora Sparkling Cuvee 750 mL

Sophora Sparkling Cuvee 750 mL

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Sophora Sparkling Cuvee 750 mL
  • country-labelNew Zealand
  • region-labelMarlborough
  • winestyle-labelSparkling
  • grape-labelSparkling
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About This Wine


    A fun, light-hearted sparkling wine, great for aperitifs, brunch, mixers (Mimosas, bellinis) and celebrations.

    The grapes are harvested at optimum balance between fruit flavour, acidity and sweetness. The juice is separated gently from the skins and then undergoes full malolactic fermentation, staying in constant contact with the yeast lees to increase the texture of the wine. After cellaring, the cuvée base wines are gently fined and carefully blended. The blended base cuvée has sugar and yeast added and is then bottled. The bottles are laid to rest inside our temperature controlled cellars to undergo secondary fermentation in the bottle. The fermentation lasts six to eight weeks, during which time the sugar is converted to alcohol and CO2. The CO2 pressurises the bottle and gives the Sophora its delicate bubbles. The cuvée matures in the bottle on lees for at least 12 months and then yeast is removed and the wine sweetened.

    52% Chardonnay, 48% Pinot Noir

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