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Selection, Quality and Value

We're not just any ordinary wine merchant. Our buyers believe in meeting producers face to face to seek out new and exciting discoveries from all over the globe. By building solid relationships for nearly 12 years Everything Wine can boast to bring you the finest wines at the keenest prices. Wines of real quality and character.

In less than a decade, we at Everything Wine pride ourselves on how we find and buy our wines to bring to you. Starting from ordering a few cases of each sale items for a weekend promotion to now bringing in CONTAINER loads every couple of weeks, we thought you might be interested in some of the many ways we buy these wines.

Much like celebrities and athletes, wines brands require agents representation. The agencies are the team who ensure any new product coming into the province are requested and priced correctly. These days it seems like there is at least one agent stopping by our Head Office to meet with our Buyer, and drop off a sample for the Buying Team to try. These are wines that the agency has chosen to bring in to province and are looking to sell to us, retailers, restaurants, etc., or sometimes they are samples direct from the wineries that they're wondering if we would be interested in featuring. Typically for every twenty to thirty wines that are presented, one will make the cut. Can you believe it? Our Buying Team works really hard to make sure only the best wines arrive in to our stores and online. 

Once a week, the Buying team sits down in our Tasting Lab and review the wines that were dropped off. They review the region, the price, availability, and any awards or accolades the wines that are presented may have. This is where we find so many of the rare, special, and unique wines, many of which are available to purchase only at Everything Wine!

On top of any tasting any of the samples that arrive at our Head Office on a weekly basis, three times a year our Buying Team recruits all of our agents to present seasonal samples for the upcoming seasons, which are typically categoriezed by Winter/Spring, Summer/Fall and of course, Christmas! Each of these panel tastings take place 6 months ahead of time. For example, back in May when you were all excited that patio season had arrived, we were on the hunt for the best Christmas dinner party wines. 

You may think that this is a little crazy, but there are some reasons for this:
   - First, and most importantly, we need to ensure the wine arrives into BC in time
   - Wines coming up from over the hills of South America need to get out before their winter weather hits (remember, our Summer is their Winter)
   - Wines sailing across the seas from Australia, New Zealand, or Europe, need time to travel across to the west ports of Europe, sail over Atlantic, and trained across Canada
   - And of course, the wines coming up the highways of the West Coast from California, Oregon and Washington also need time to clear customs

During these mass tastings, the Buying Team meets with a panel of 8-10 employees a day over the course of a week or more, from all rankings in the company! From Head Office employees to Managers, Sommeliers to Cashiers, they gather feedback from the panel taking note of the feedback from the team and from there, later meet to review what the team thought of the wines. This not only brings multiple members of the company together to work as a team in the search for the next best wines, the process also ensures that only the best wines at the right price arrive into your stores and online.


Finally, there are plenty of wine trade shows that take place throughout the year. Some of the many we attend are the Vancouver International Wine Show, IVSA (Vancouver), Cornucopia Trade Tastings and Seminars (Whistler), or the BC Wine Institute bi-annual Trade Tastings called "Bloom" & "Colour".

This is one of the many wine trade events where we find those special, unique and rare wines from around the globe that we buy and sell in our stores and of course, online!

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