Re-Think Pink! If you haven’t tried Rosé then now is the perfect time. It’s no longer the sweet pink wine you might think! Long appreciated for its incredible ability to pair with food it’s now a staple of restaurant wine lists and immensely popular with wine lovers. On a hot summer day you’ll find they’re perfect for sipping on the patio too!

Rosé wines are extremely diverse and made in wide range of styles. They run the spectrum of dry or sweet, sparkling or still, light and crisp or dark and intense. Made by allowing lightly crushed red grapes to stay in contact with their skins for a short period of time it allows the wine to develop its pale to dark pink hue and red berry flavours. The skins are then removed and the juice is then fermented the same as a white wine, which gives it refreshing citrus fruit characteristics.

So how do you decide which rosé and when? Are you looking for something dry, elegant and crisp? Then try a rosé from Provence, France. Looking for something to pair with BBQ salmon or pork tenderloin? Try a more intense and savoury style from Italy, Spain or the Rhône Valley in France. If sipping on something sweet is your thing then try the juicy White Zinfandels from California. There is a rose out there for everyone! Serve them chilled and try something new this summer!

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