The outstanding diversity of Chile’s wines stem from the country’s extraordinary geography and unique climate. Natural growing conditions create increasing opportunities to grow grapes organically, but the emphasis is now on how Chile can effectively and responsibly embrace sustainability in all its forms: Vineyard, Winery and Society. As a result of long term hard work, Chile is one of the world leaders in sustainability right from the vineyard to the table. Regionality is the key to Chile’s stylistic development, and winemakers are striving to reflect the different terroirs that the country offers, especially in the cooler coastal areas, in the Andean foothills and the valleys between the mountains. The Coastal area boasts a stunning 4,000 plus kilometer coastline that is the envy of the world and its influence has had a major impact on the quality of Chile’s wines. The Central Valley area extends across Chile from north to south through valleys that are emblematic in the country’s history. It separates the Coast from the Andes and produces more than 60% of the nation’s wines. The Andes are the longest and most extensive mountain range in the world and also the backbone of Chile’s cultural identity. Its climatic qualities have led the nation’s wine to become one of its most valuable treasures to be shared with the world.

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