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D-I-Wine for Mother’s Day!

Let’s face it, Moms rock. Not only did they put up with us through adolescence and our teenage angst, but they continue to be there with us into adulthood and beyond. Although it may seem childish, Moms always appreciate the handmade, thoughtful gestures (my guess… because they know it’s not something you picked up on the way to dinner). But, as adults, we have the abilities to use more than paper and glue to create something great for Mom this Mother’s Day. We’re not talking about just making Mom a hand made card or picture frame. No, we’re going to re-purpose something Mom will recognize and love… a wine bottle. These crafts not only put your empty bottles of red, white or sparkling to use, but also can create a fun craft that Mom can proudly display and show off to her friends. Check out our list of Mom-worthy gifts below!

Before getting into these fun crafts, the first thing to note is how to remove the wine label from the bottle. You will need to do this for each of the crafts.
– Thoroughly rinse out wine bottle
– Soak wine bottle in a sink or bucket with 5 tablespoons of baking soda for approximately 30 minutes
– Remove the bottle from the water and wipe label with a rag. If any of the label still remains on the bottle, use fingernail or steel wool to remove the rest
– Once all traces of the label is gone, wipe it with a towel and allow to dry

#1 Mom’s New Soap Dispenser! 

What you’ll need:

  • Empty wine bottle
  • Glass paint
  • Paint brush
  • Bottle Spout (can be found at Michael’s)
  • Stencil (if desired)


  • Remove wine label using the instructions below.
  • Once the bottle is dry and all evidence of the label is removed. Design the bottle however you wish. Pick a design that will go with an element of the room it’ll be used in, or craft it in a Mother’s Day message!
  • You can also use a stencil, if you are wanting a particular design, or phrase. This may be an easier and cleaner option.
  • Choose a soap of your choice and fill bottle if desired.
  • Add a spout! These can be found on amazon.


#2 Mom’s New Hanging Vase! 

What you’ll need:

  • Scrap wood cut to desired width (Use any number of wine bottles, and cut your wood the appropriate length for that number.)
  • Drill
  • 1 inch copper bell hanger kit (available in plumbing section of most hardware stores for less than $2 each)
  • Picture hanging hardware
  • Wine bottles (clean and remove labels if desired as described)


  • Paint, stain or decoupage your wood any way you like. Do the same for the bottles.  Paint or decorate them to fit your decor or occasion.
  • Measure and mark placement of your bottles, leaving even spacing between each and centering them on the board.
  • Drill a pilot hole with a drill bit just smaller in diameter than your screw.  If you aren’t using a drill, use a hammer and nail to make a pilot hole.
  • Attach bell hanger using the screw that came in your kit and a drill or screwdriver.
  • Attach a loop for hanging on each side.
  • Place on wall and add wine bottles.  Time to head to the farmer’s market for some fresh flowers!



Mom’s New Citronella Candle

What you will need

  • – Empty Wine bottle of preference
  • 1/2 inch replacement torch wicks
  • 1/2 inch X 3/8 inch coupling with stop
  •  1/2 inch copper tube cap
  •  1/2 inch Teflon tape
  •  1-2 bags of marbles
  •  Tiki Fuel
  •  1/2 inch funnel (optional)

candle supplies



  • Place 1-2 bags of marbles in the bottom of your wine bottle
  • Wrap 1/2 of Teflon Tape at the end of coupling so it will fit snugly onto the bottle
  • Remove the wrapped coupling and slide the replacement wick through, leave about 1/2 an inch of wick sticking out
  • Place funnel in the mouth of the bottle
  • Pour tiki fuel in the bottle (do not fill to the top as you don’t want it to overflow when you put the wick in)
  • Add the wick and press on the coupling tape so it makes a tight fit

citronella candle


If you make any or all of these fantastic Mother’s Day crafts, be sure to share pictures of your creations with us on Facebook (@EverythingWineInc) or on Instagram (@Ewinebc)!


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