95-100 Classic: a great wine
90-94 Outstanding: a wine of superior character and style
85-89 Very good: a wine with special qualities

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  1. Chateau Hyot

    Chateau Hyot Cotes de Castillon Red Blend 2015 750 mL

    Chateau Hyot Cotes de Castillon Red Blend 2015 750 mL
    $36.99 $31.99
    $383.88 $364.69 BUY 12 SAVE 5%
  2. Morande Estate Reserve Malbec

    Morande Reserva 2015 Malbec 750 mL

    Fresh, juicy and full of fruit with a great balance of acidity, density and tannins. Flavours of red fruit, perfectly reflecting the bright aromas. An elegant body, with firm and yet delicate structure and a long finish.
    $22.99 $18.99
    $227.88 $216.49 BUY 12 SAVE 5%
  3. Alceo Tempranillo

    Alceo Tempranillo 750 mL

    The Alceo Tempranillo 2015 was awarded 90 points by Vinous, a fantastic wine that is exclusive to Everything Wine. Named for a Hero of Greek mythology and legendary founder of Mycenae "Alceo" means "Perseus". This is rich Spanish Tempranillo with flavours of raspberry and cherry that pairs well with smoky barbecue sauces and lasagna.
    $18.99 $15.99
    $191.88 $182.29 BUY 12 SAVE 5%
  4. Famille Perrin Vinsobres 'Les Cornuds' Red Blend

    Famille Perrin Vinsobres 'Les Cornuds' Red Blend 750 mL

    Full bodied with black fruit, anise, pepper and smoke aromas. This is an equal blend of Grenache and Syrah grapes. Terrific concentration, depth and balance from one of the most respected producers in the Rhone.
    $299.88 $284.89 BUY 12 SAVE 5%
  5. Latido de Sara Wild Garnacha

    Latido de Sara Navarra Wild Garnacha 2016 750 mL

    The producers, Sara Martinez-Lagos and Leon Florez, chose the name Latido de Sara - “Sara’s Heartbeat - in honour of Sara’s father who passed away a few years ago. With aromas of ripe fruits this wine is medium-bodied, dry, well balanced and with a long finish. Enjoy with grilled meat or earthy vegetarian dishes.
    $239.88 $227.89 BUY 12 SAVE 5%
  6. Quinta Da Aveleda

    Quinta da Aveleda Vinho Verde 2017 750 mL

    An acclaimed and harmonious wine from Portugal. The Quinta da Aveleda Vinho Verde encaptulates the floral aromas of the Loureiro grape variety merged to perfection with the tropical notes of the Alvarinho. Perfect when paired with a refined salad or seafood dishes.
    $203.88 $193.69 BUY 12 SAVE 5%
  7. San Gregorio Las Martas

    Bodega San Gregorio Las Martas 2014 Garnacha 750 mL

    This bold Spanish red, from the town of Cervera de la Cañada, is full bodied with dark fruit flavours and complex earthy and floral notes. Superb when enjoyed on its own or with grilled meats and earthy vegetarian dishes.

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  8. Domaine Serene R Rose

    Domaine Serene R Rose 750 mL

    Our vintage room expert Jordan Carrier was very enthusiastic about this incredible wine after a recent trip to Oregon and has had to jump through more than a few hoops in order to bring some to BC for you to enjoy. "You didn’t know you needed a $60 dual-vintaged Pinot Rosé, but in all fairness you didn’t know you needed an iPad until it showed up. Same here. Using the moody, complex Bandol Rosés as their North Star, Ken and Grace Evenstad have thrown out the rule book and made a racy pink beast out of some 2016 Pinot with a splash of 2015 Chardonnay. Bold in front, creamy in the middle and crispy on the finish, smells like a strawberry-rhubarb miracle. Not at all attempting the pastel popularity of Provence or the saccharine indulgences of a California Blush, “R” is the inscrutably cool kid in the back listening to The Cure that you’re afraid to say hi to. You should say hi, though, because this’ll go amazing with turkey, ham, pork, duck or really any holiday dinner unless your dinners consist entirely of cake"

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